Idlegcy is creating a win-win privacy ecosystem, that wants individuals to feel safe about their personal data, whilst allowing businesses and organisations to thrive on the captured data.

Idlegcy has created the first apps for individuals and organisations, and is now attracting advisory partners to introduce a culture of personal data respect in mid-size companies.


Safe for individuals

Personal data define our identity. With each online transaction, every time we shop or dine, each time we tick a box, we are adding some info to our “identity legacy”.

It is each individual’s human right to control that legacy. Idlegcy wants to help them control this right in a respectful way.

Increasing business relevance

For businesses and organizations, the personal data rights create new challenges. They also create opportunities to stand out above the crowd of competitors in the business arena, as well as on the job market.

In order to remain relevant, many organizations need to store personal data. Idlegcy wants to help them do this with respect to the individual’s rights.

Win-win for privacy

We believe it is possible to create a win-win situation that allows organizations to surf on the wave of personal data, ánd create a safe environment for the personal data of (future) clients and collaborators.

Read more about our vision on thefutureofprivacy.blog.


Idlegcy is preparing the instruments, setting-up the advisory partnerships, and creating the right conditions to grow this win-win privacy ecosystem:

  • App for individuals – every individual can now control their GDPR-rights from one place for free. The i.cntrl.me app is ready to test via this page. Already more than 10.000 individuals registered.
  • Solution for organizations – businesses and other organizations can now easily follow-up all the GDPR-requests. Read more and order the first version of the i.cntrl.it application via this page.
  • Services for businesses – our ecosystem partners offer advisory, coaching and education services in order for mid-size businesses to create a corporate culture of personal data respect.


We are focusing on three core communities that cross-fertilize each other:

  • The community of individual consumers and collaborators who want to be in control over their personal data. They have a legal framework that supports their rights – and we now offer them the tools to control their rights.
  • The community of privacy officers and privacy collaborators who want to correspond with individuals and want to help them exercise their rights, whilst remaining compliant with the legal framework.
  • The community of business and corporate executives who want to create a culture of openness, transparency, and respect for the individual’s personal data, in order for their company to be a real magnet for talent and clients.

We are also attracting a variety of ecosystemic partners, who complement our win-win privacy ecosystem:

  • HR advisors & Team coaches
  • Sales & Marketing advisors
  • Legal services providers
  • IT systems integrators
  • Education partners
  • Government officials

Geographically, we start in Belgium, close to the heart of the European GDPR legislation. Next will be Estonia, the most digital government in the world. And later on, we will gradually add more countries.


Want to become a partner in our growing win-win privacy ecosystem? Use the form below to get in touch and add a motivation and field of expertise so that we can send you the right information, and keep you updated.